AP FACT CHECK: Trump vs. Trump on virus; Biden missteps

WASHINGTON (AP) — Explaining his faux assurances about the pandemic, President Donald Trump urged he was as soon as doing what Winston Churchill had done, soothing the public in a time of hazard. That’s no longer the intention in which it went down in World Battle II.

Churchill did no longer repeat Britons that Nazi Germany was as soon as “below adjust ” or that, “worship a miracle, this could presumably perchance simply disappear,” to cite Trump’s words on the virus.

The British prime minister spread difficulty, to boot to web to the bottom of, as he summoned Britons to nationwide purpose against the “gruesome equipment of aggression” enslaving swaths of Europe and rapidly to be “became upon us.”

Trump’s statements about the pandemic had been rife with misinformation from the inaugurate up. Nevertheless journalist Bob Woodward’s unusual book, “Rage,” finds Trump admitting to the employ of distortion as a tactic as he underplayed the specter of COVID-19 to Americans and children in explicit, while vivid better. The president acknowledged his purpose was as soon as to lead determined of apprehension.

Crucial ingredients from the book and its recorded interviews with Trump dropped all thru per week of intense politicking because the promoting campaign for the Nov. 3 election entered its homestretch.

Because the rhetoric flew, every Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden exaggerated their affect in reviving the auto substitute. In a aggregate-up, Biden vastly overstated militia COVID-19 deaths. Trump completely misrepresented Biden’s positions.


TRUMP on Churchill all thru the German bombing of London: “He always spoke with calmness. He acknowledged, ‘We now must blow their private horns calmness.’” — remarks to Michigan supporters Thursday.

TRUMP: “Because the British authorities urged the British folks within the face of World Battle II, ‘Relieve calm and stick with it.’ That’s what I did.’” — Michigan remarks.

THE FACTS: Historians take sharp negate of affairs with that.

“Churchill understood that candor in crisis was as soon as predominant,” tweeted Erik Larson, author of “The Ravishing and the Vile,” a ancient previous of Churchill and Britons all thru the German bombing marketing campaign identified because the Blitz. ”He did no longer sugarcoat the German risk.”

Fellow historian Jon Meacham replied to Trump with a quote from Churchill himself, rendered with Twitter abbreviation: “The British folks can face any ache w/ fortitude & buoyancy as lengthy as they are convinced that those in rate of their affairs are no longer deceiving them, or are no longer region in a fool’s paradise.”

The slogan to “Relieve calm and stick with it” was as soon as printed on British posters in preparation for battle however did no longer develop desire and the posters had been rapidly scrapped.

In his first BBC broadcast as prime minister, in Might possibly well perchance perchance also 1940, Churchill described in chilling detail the “outstanding” reach of German armored columns and infantry thru the ravaged French countryside and acknowledged it’d be foolish “to conceal the gravity of the hour.”

He acknowledged “that gruesome equipment of aggression which gashed Holland into extinguish and slavery in a few days will be became upon us. I am definite I be in contact for all after I allege we’re ready to face it; to endure it.” The Blitzkrieg started that September.

While Trump was as soon as over and over minimizing the hazard of the outbreak in his public remarks, he was as soon as telling Woodward that he knew the virus was as soon as deadlier than even a severe seasonal flu, that he was as soon as struck by how easily it spread and that “quite a lot of children” had been contracting it. “I needed to always play it down,” he acknowledged in March. “I smooth worship playing it down. On account of I don’t want to impact a apprehension.”



TRUMP: “We will private vaccines very rapidly, it’d be unheard of ahead of you mediate.” — files conference Thursday.

TRUMP: “You’ll private this unbelievable vaccine, and … in lag worship no person has ever considered ahead of. This would presumably perchance’ve taken two or three years, and as an different it’s going to be — it’s going to be done in a really quick of duration of time. Might possibly well perchance perchance also even private it all thru the month of October.” — files conference Monday.

THE FACTS: He’s almost absolutely raising unrealistic hopes because the November election approaches.

The Meals and Drug Administration already has told producers it received’t retain in mind any vaccine that’s no longer up to 50% efficient. Getting the licensed math ahead of November, as Trump has promised, is “extremely no longer likely,” acknowledged Dr. Larry Corey of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Review Institute, who’s overseeing the U.S. authorities’s vaccine experiences.

Public neatly being consultants are apprehensive that Trump will press the FDA to approve a vaccine ahead of it is proven to be safe and efficient.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the authorities’s prime infectious diseases knowledgeable, has acknowledged he’s “cautiously optimistic” that a coronavirus vaccine will be ready by early next year. Even then, Fauci made determined that the vaccine would no longer be widely on hand licensed away.

“In the demolish, within an inexpensive duration of time, the plans now allow for any American who wants a vaccine to web it all the intention in which thru the year 2021,” Fauci told Congress final month.

Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the Nationwide Institutes of Successfully being, furthermore expressed “cautious optimism” this previous week that one of the predominant vaccines being examined will pan out by year’s cease. Nevertheless he warned: “Absolutely to take a private a study to predict whether it occurs on a explicit week ahead of or after a explicit date in early November is neatly previous something else that any scientist licensed now would possibly presumably perchance repeat you.”

The “explicit date” is Nov. 3, Election Day.


TRUMP: “The reach to the virus is a really unscientific blanket lockdown by the Democrats.” — files conference Thursday.

TRUMP: “Biden’s concept for the China virus is to end down the full U.S. economy.” — files conference Monday.

THE FACTS: That’s no longer Biden’s concept the least bit. Biden has acknowledged he would shut down the economy simplest if scientists and public neatly being advisers urged he enact so to stem the COVID-19 risk. He acknowledged he would observe the science, no longer push apart it.

Biden told ABC final month he “will be ready to enact no topic it takes to place lives” when he was as soon as asked if he would even be sharp to end the country yet again.

“I would hearken to the scientists,” he acknowledged. If they acknowledged to end it down, “I would shut it down.”


TRUMP: “When Joe Biden was as soon as vice president, his failed reach to the swine flu was as soon as disastrous. … And 60 million Americans got H1N1 in that duration of time. …We did every thing unpleasant, it was as soon as a catastrophe.” — files conference Thursday.

THE FACTS: Right here’s a distorted ancient previous of a virulent illness in 2009 that killed far fewer folks within the United States than the coronavirus is killing now. For starters, Biden as vice president wasn’t working the federal response. And that response was as soon as sooner out of the gate than when COVID-19 got here to the U.S.

Then, the Facilities for Disease Relieve watch over and Prevention’s flu surveillance community sounded the apprehension after two kids in California became the first folks diagnosed with the unusual flu tension in this country.

About two weeks later, the Obama administration declared a public neatly being emergency against H1NI, in total identified because the swine flu, and the CDC began releasing anti-flu medication from the nationwide stockpile to aid hospitals prepare. In inequity, Trump declared a negate of emergency in early March, seven weeks after the first U.S. case of COVID-19 was as soon as offered, and the country’s neatly being machine struggled for months with shortages of serious affords and testing.

Larger than 190,000 folks private died from COVID-19 within the U.S. The CDC locations the U.S. death toll from the 2009-2010 H1N1 pandemic at about 12,500.



BIDEN: “President Obama and I rescued the auto substitute and helped Michigan’s economy reach roaring inspire.” — tweet Wednesday.

THE FACTS: Biden is assigning too unheard of credit to Barack Obama and himself for saving the auto substitute.

As an initial topic, what the Obama administration did was as soon as a complete lot of pivotal steps taken by Obama’s predecessor, President George W. Bush.

In December 2008, Overall Motors and Chrysler had been getting ready to financial collapse. The U.S. was as soon as in a deep recession and U.S. auto gross sales had been falling sharply. GM, Chrysler and Ford requested authorities aid, however Congress voted it down.

With barely a month left rather than enterprise, Bush licensed $25 billion in loans to GM and Chrysler from the $700 billion bailout fund that was as soon as within the initiating place supposed to place the largest U.S. banks. Ford determined against taking any money. Once rather than enterprise, Obama appointed a job force to oversee GM and Chrysler, every of which finally declared financial extinguish, took an additional roughly $55 billion in aid, and had been forced to end many factories and overhaul their operations.

All three companies recovered and finally started including jobs yet again.


TRUMP: “We introduced you a huge quantity of car plants, you realize that licensed? … I saved the U.S. auto substitute.” — Michigan rally Thursday.

BIDEN, on Michigan’s economy: “Donald Trump squandered it — and hardworking Michiganders are paying the cost daily.” —tweet Wednesday.

THE FACTS: Every Trump and Biden are overstating it. Trump did no longer ruin Michigan’s economy, however he absolutely didn’t raise an auto substitute mutter, either.

No doubt, the quantity of car and ingredients manufacturing jobs within the negate fell a tiny between Trump’s inauguration and February of this year, ahead of the coronavirus took withhold.

When Trump took space of enterprise there had been 174,200 such jobs, and that dropped to 171,800 in February, per Labor Division statistics. While most plants shuttered for about eight weeks after the pandemic hit, many are inspire working come capability yet again, no lower than for now. In July, the most recent figures on hand, Michigan had 154,400 auto and ingredients manufacturing jobs.

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, only within the near previous acknowledged the negate’s economy was as soon as working now at 87% of pre-pandemic ranges, citing figures from Glum’s Analytics and CNN.



TRUMP: “As a change of focusing on radical ideology, my administration is furious by handing over accurate results. And that’s what we now private. Ethical now we now private the cleanest air ever we’ve ever had in this country — let’s allege over the final 40 years.” — remarks Tuesday in Jupiter, Florida.

FACTS: He’s no longer in rate for the overall progress — removed from it.

All six air pollution measurements monitored by the U.S. Environmental Safety Agency showed that in 2019 the U.S. air was as soon as the cleanest on file. Nevertheless the largest pollutant, tiny particles, was as soon as in truth about the same as 2016, simplest down 1%, per Carnegie Mellon College environmental engineering professor Neil Donahue. The same figures furthermore showed that air pollution rose within the first two years of the Trump administration ahead of falling greatly in 2019.

Donahue and three varied exterior consultants in air pollution acknowledged the president was as soon as wrongly taking credit for what years, even decades, of ever-rising emissions restrictions precipitated.

H. Christopher Frey, an engineering professor at North Carolina Converse College and former chief of the EPA’s air quality scientific advisory board, acknowledged that “present traits in air quality are for causes no topic, or no topic, policies of the Trump administration.” As a change he and Donahue attributed it to a shift from employ of dirtier coal — a shift the Trump administration has fought against — and to more moderen, cleaner autos changing older autos.


TRUMP: “We’re showing that we are in a position to impact jobs, safeguard the atmosphere and retain energy costs low for The US and low for our voters. And also you peek that. You furthermore peek it would you pump the gasoline to your vehicle and you’re infrequently paying a lot no longer up to $2 recently. So we’re doing neatly.” — Florida remarks.

THE FACTS: Trump is wrongly taking credit. Gasoline costs didn’t plunge due to the Trump administration. They plunged because the coronavirus forced folks to abandon their areas of work, colleges, industry journeys and vacations.

“Reduced financial job connected to the COVID-19 pandemic has precipitated adjustments in energy quiz and provide patterns in 2020,” acknowledged the U.S. Vitality Info Administration.

World quiz for oil has fallen by 8 million barrels a day, the agency estimates.

Underscoring the connection to the pandemic shutdown, U.S. gasoline costs had been at their lowest in April when folks had been staying dwelling most now are up 33 cents a gallon on moderate, the agency says.



TRUMP: “We’re moderately unheard of out of Syria.” — files conference Thursday.

THE FACTS: Not so unheard of.

Last year end to 30 U.S. troops moved out of two outposts come the border space the place a Turkish assault on the country was as soon as within the initiating place centered. Nevertheless the U.S. at this time has about 700 troops deployed to Syria, a quantity that hasn’t changed a lot recently.


BIDEN: “Troops died in Iraq and Afghanistan: 6,922. … Armed forces COVID deaths: 6,114. Other folks, one and all of these lives mattered.” — remarks Wednesday in Warren, Michigan.

THE FACTS: He’s intention off on the quantity of coronavirus deaths within the U.S. militia.

Based mostly on the Defense Division, appropriate seven members of the militia private died from COVID-19, including reservists and those within the Nationwide Guard.

The Biden marketing campaign acknowledged he had misspoken. citing overall coronavirus deaths in Michigan as an different of U.S. militia deaths in a aggregate-up.



TRUMP: “While you happen to watch at NATO, with the exception of eight worldwide locations — we’re one of them — every country is much late. They’re delinquent, severely Germany, in paying their NATO bills. … And they’ve increased their spending now $130 billion, going up to $400 billion a year. It’s all due to me.” — files conference Monday.

THE FACTS: He’s fallacious on several fronts.

First, worldwide locations don’t pay to be in NATO and don’t owe the organization something else varied than contributions to a largely administrative fund that Trump is never any longer talking about. Member worldwide locations are no longer delinquent on NATO bills. Nor private collections increased, as he asserted.

Trump’s accurate pork is with how unheard of NATO worldwide locations employ on their possess militia budgets. He’s pressed them to employ more. So did Obama. And in 2014, all thru the Obama administration, NATO members agreed to pass “toward” spending 2% of their fallacious home product on their possess defense by 2024.

Trump then mangles what came about next.

In December, NATO Secretary-Overall Jens Stoltenberg offered that by 2024, militia spending by non-U.S. members of the alliance can private increased by $400 billion since 2016 due to commitments from the member states.

That’s $400 billion cumulatively over eight years. It’s no longer “$400 billion a year,” as Trump place it. And it’s no longer “all due to me.”



TRUMP, retweeting an Associated Press diagnosis projecting the quantity of ballots that web rejected will flee this plunge due to increased mail-in vote casting: “Rigged Election!” — tweet Tuesday.

THE FACTS: No, corrupt ballots enact no longer equate to fraud. The overwhelming majority aren’t.

Based mostly on the Brennan Heart for Justice, the immense majority of ballots are disqualified because they arrive gradual, a explicit disaster this year due to recent U.S. Postal Service delays and an expected surge in mail-in vote casting all thru the coronavirus pandemic.

Ballots furthermore are deemed corrupt if there would possibly be a lacking signature — total with more moderen voters unfamiliar with the process — or it doesn’t match what’s on file. As well to, some states require absentee voters to web a peep or notary to sign their ballots.

“None of those are fraud,” acknowledged Wendy Weiser, director of Brennan’s democracy program at NYU College of Regulations. When suspected circumstances are investigated for likely fraud, experiences private borne out the main motive of defects is voter mistake.

The AP diagnosis printed Monday chanced on that rejections of absentee ballots would possibly presumably perchance triple in contrast with 2016 in some battleground states, potentially tipping the election final end result.

It acknowledged voters “would be disenfranchised in key battleground states” and that nullified votes would be “even more pronounced in some metropolis areas the place Democratic votes are concentrated and ballotrejection charges trended greater all thru this year’s primaries.” That’s removed from an election “rigged” against Trump.


Associated Press writers Lauran Neergaard, Seth Borenstein, Josh Boak, Christopher Rugaber, Robert Burns, Lolita C. Baldor and Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar in Washington, James LaPorta in Delray Coastline, Florida, Tom Krisher in Detroit, Alexandra Jaffe in Warren, Michigan, and Tom Beaumont in Des Moines, Iowa, contributed to this document.


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