AP FACT CHECK: Trump on McCain; Biden’s stretch on virus

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump talked about he by no contrivance called John McCain a loser — he did — and denigrated the train of the unhurried Republican senator on veterans affairs no subject robotically appropriating one in every of McCain’s crowning achievements on that entrance as his maintain.

)Trump distorted occasions in Kenosha, Wisconsin, over the final week and his maintain hand in them earlier than a furor over his reported comments on fallen squaddies diverted his rhetoric.

Democratic rival Joe Biden claimed to contain been the first person to contain called for the use of emergency production powers within the pandemic, when he used to be no longer.

A review:


TRUMP: “I used to be by no contrivance a astronomical fan of John McCain, disagreed with him on many things alongside side ridiculous never-ending wars and the dearth of success he had in dealing with the VA and our huge Vets.” — segment of a series of tweets Thursday.

THE FACTS: He’s ignoring McCain’s singular successes on behalf of fellow veterans.

McCain used to be a number one pressure within the Senate within the motivate of the regulation that gave veterans an solution to bound exterior the Division of Veterans Affairs’ successfully being care system and salvage private care at public expense below obvious instances. President Barack Obama signed the VA Different laws into regulation. Ignoring that actuality, Trump all over again and all over again claims that he brought Different into regulation when no one else might perhaps.

Trump signed a regulation in 2018 that expanded the alternatives for the utilization of the Different program established by Obama, McCain and other lawmakers.

The 2018 regulation is called after three lawmakers who were veterans of war. All of them now are needless. They’re Accumulate. Samuel R. Johnson, R-Texas, and Democratic Sen. Daniel Okay. Akaka, D-Hawaii, and McCain, R-Ariz.


TRUMP: “Also, I by no contrivance called John a loser and whisper on whatever, or whoever, I used to be asked to whisper on, that I by no contrivance called our huge fallen squaddies something instead of HEROES.” — tweet Thursday.

THE FACTS: He called McCain a loser.

In addition, The Associated Press has confirmed many of the comments Trump used to be reported by The Atlantic to contain made disparaging fallen or captured U.S. service participants, similar to his description of the American needless in a military graveyard as “losers.”

As for McCain, Trump instructed a conservative forum in Iowa in 2015 that his interrogate of McCain modified when McCain lost the 2008 presidential election to Obama. “He lost, so I by no contrivance cherished him as grand after that, ’reason I don’t relish losers,” he talked about. Trump went on to brush aside McCain’s war service: “He’s no longer a war hero. He’s a war hero as a result of he used to be captured. I relish of us that weren’t captured.”

Trump in 2015 furthermore tweeted a data article on Twitter calling McCain a “loser.”



BIDEN: “When it got up to March, I saved saying, ‘Stare, you’ve got to invoke,’ and also you endure in mind, I negate I used to be the first — I’m able to also very successfully be flawed — person calling for the Protection Production Act.” — comment after a data convention Wednesday.

THE FACTS: He’s correct about being flawed.

Biden issued an announcement March 18 saying he used to be issuing a demand Trump to invoke the Protection Production Act to present precedence to “and without extend lift home production of any excessive scientific equipment required to answer to this disaster — such because the production of ventilators and associated coaching to characteristic.” His name came the same day Trump signed an expose to use his authority below the act.

Five days earlier a neighborhood of Democrats in Congress wrote to Trump asking him to use powers below the act, a step that Trump officers and others had been discussing publicly for various weeks.



TRUMP, on Wisconsin officers and the Nationwide Guard: “After they answered and when we took, , motivate a watch on of it, things went in reality successfully.” — remarks in Kenosha on Tuesday.

TRUMP: “One of many reasons I’m making the day out this day and going to Wisconsin is we’ve had this form of astronomical success in shutting down what might perhaps be, correct now, a metropolis — that would’ve been Kenosha — a metropolis that would’ve been burnt to the ground by now. … And it all stopped without extend upon the Nationwide Guard’s arrival.” — remarks Tuesday earlier than visiting Wisconsin.

THE FACTS: No longer correct. He had nothing to enact with the deployment of the Nationwide Guard in Wisconsin. The federal authorities by no contrivance “took motivate a watch on of it.”

Gov. Tony Evers, D-Wis., activated the enlighten’s Nationwide Guard the day after a Kenosha police officer shot Jacob Blake, sparking protests and violence over police actions and racism. When Nationwide Guard forces from three other states came in to motivate, it used to be for the explanation that governor had asked for that motivate from fellow governors, no longer the White Dwelling.

Evers talked about Nationwide Guard troops from Arizona, Michigan and Alabama were running below the motivate a watch on of these states and Wisconsin, “no longer in a federal assign.” Nationwide Guards answer to governors and on occasion enlighten legislatures, no longer Washington.

The federal authorities sent deputy marshals from the U.S. Marshals Carrier and brokers from the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, about 200 in all. The restoration of expose used to be primarily within the hands of Nationwide Guard units and native regulation enforcement.

As of Monday, 1,000 Nationwide Guard troops from Wisconsin were in Kenosha alongside with 500 Nationwide Guard troops from the opposite three states, talked about Wisconsin Nationwide Guard Maj. Gen. Paul Knapp.


TRUMP, asked if would condemn the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-one year-outdated charged within the capturing deaths of two males right thru Kenosha protests: “You seen the same tape as I seen. And he used to be attempting to salvage far from them, I guess; it appears to be like relish. And he fell, after which they very violently attacked him. And it used to be something that we’re searching at correct now and it’s below investigation. But I guess he used to be in very astronomical trouble. He would contain been — I — he potentially would contain been killed.” — data convention Monday.

THE FACTS: His implication that Rittenhouse easiest shot the males after he tripped they every so often attacked him is damaging. The main deadly capturing came about earlier than Rittenhouse ran away and fell.

Trump didn’t say whom he intended by “they” — the two males he shot or others in pursuit of him. But he spoke in protection of any individual who adversarial racial justice protesters, who authorities say used to be illegally carrying a semi-automated rifle and who prosecutors accuse of committing intentional homicide.

In accordance with the prison complaint released by prosecutors, victim Joseph Rosenbaum used to be shot and killed first, after following Rittenhouse into a automobile parking space, the assign Rosenbaum threw a plastic acquire on the gunman and tried to contrivance halt the weapon from him.

The medical examiner found out that Rosenbaum used to be shot within the groin and motivate — which fractured his pelvis and perforated his correct lung and liver — and his left hand. He furthermore suffered a superficial injure to his left thigh and a graze injure to his forehead.

Rittenhouse then ran down the boulevard and used to be chased by various of us attempting to halt him and shouting that he correct shot any individual, in keeping with the prison complaint and cell phone video footage.

He tripped and fell. Anthony Huber, who used to be carrying a skateboard, used to be shot within the chest after it appears to be like to be attempting to wrest the gun from Rittenhouse, the complaint talked about. A third man used to be shot and injured.

Rittenhouse’s attorney talked about he acted to defend himself.



ATTORNEY GENERAL WILLIAM BARR on fraud within the vote-by-mail assignment: “Elections that contain been held with mail contain found out astronomical fraud and coercion.” — CNN on Wednesday.

THE FACTS: Essentially, a pair of reviews contain debunked the understanding of pervasive voter fraud in well-liked and within the vote-by-mail assignment.

The five states that relied on mail-in ballots even earlier than the coronavirus pandemic — Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah — contain talked about they contain main safeguards in location to be obvious in opposition to fraud and to forestall hostile foreign actors from co-opting the vote. Extra states intend to rely extra heavily on mail-in voting this drop as a result of the pandemic.

The attorney well-liked cited a train from extra than a decade ago from a commission led by mature President Jimmy Carter and mature Secretary of State James Baker that talked about vote-by-mail used to be weak to fraud. But the commission identified in an announcement in Can also honest that it had found out minute evidence of fraud in states similar to Oregon that had ample safeguards.

Barr furthermore talked about he used to be basing on “good judgment” his predicament that a hostile foreign actor might perhaps extinguish bogus ballots for the election. But senior U.S. officers talked about on a convention name with newshounds closing month that they had no intelligence to counsel that used to be occurring.



BIDEN: “Donald Trump might perhaps very successfully be primarily the most moving president in well-liked history to leave office with fewer jobs than when he took office.” — Wilmington, Delaware, speech Friday.

THE FACTS: Seemingly yes, presumably no.

No longer since Depression-expertise Herbert Hoover has a president left office with a train of fewer jobs than when he began.

This will probably happen to Trump as a result of the pandemic, but he might perhaps furthermore halt up with a little extinguish.

In August there contain been 4.7 million fewer jobs than there contain been when Trump used to be inaugurated in January 2017. But when he leaves office in five months, and if the economic system adds extra than 1 million jobs every month, as came about in July and August, he might perhaps halt up within the shadowy. There are signs, though, that the features are slowing as agencies contain recalled many of the employees who were like a flash laid off from eating locations, bars, outlets and other agencies. So Biden’s prediction might perhaps advance correct.


Associated Press writers Will Weissert, Eric Tucker, Josh Boak and Christopher Rugaber contributed to this train.


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