AP FACT CHECK: Trump, GOP distort on health care, vote fraud

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump made a dizzying array of misleading claims about voting fraud and health care as fellow Republicans opened their convention with speeches distorting the agenda of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Trump falsely asserted that he changed into once the one who ensured that folks with preexisting clinical concerns will be lined by medical health insurance; surely that changed into once Democratic President Barack Obama. A lot of speakers accused Biden of proposing to defund police, ban fracking, rep over health care and open borders — none of that ethical.

A glimpse at statements Monday on the Republican Nationwide Conference:


TRUMP: “We earn your preexisting stipulations. Very strongly earn preexisting … and you don’t hear that.”

THE FACTS: You don’t hear it because it’s now not ethical.

Of us with preexisting clinical concerns maintain medical health insurance protections because of the Obama’s health care guidelines, which Trump is attempting to dismantle.

One of Trump’s conceivable choices to Obama’s guidelines — short medical health insurance, already in space — doesn’t wish to duvet preexisting stipulations. One other replacement is association health plans, which are oriented to little corporations and sole proprietors and develop duvet preexisting stipulations.

Neither of the two conceivable choices looks to maintain made unprecedented distinction within the market.

Within the interim, Trump’s administration is pressing the Supreme Court for fleshy repeal of the Obama-period guidelines, along side provisions that provide protection to of us with preexisting stipulations from medical health insurance discrimination.

With “Obamacare” silent in space, preexisting stipulations continue to be lined by traditional person medical health insurance coverage.

Insurers must rep all candidates, no topic clinical ancient previous, and imprint the same normal premiums to wholesome of us and people which are ill, or maintain a ancient previous of clinical concerns.

Sooner than the Cheap Care Act, any insurer could recount coverage — or imprint more — to anybody with a preexisting condition who changed into once wanting for to purchase an person coverage.

Democratic attacks on Republican efforts to repeal the health guidelines and weaken preexisting condition protections proved successful within the 2018 midterms, when Democrats received back remove watch over of the Dwelling.



TRUMP, on mail-in voting: “Absentee — adore in Florida — absentee is ethical. But varied than that, they’re very, very immoral.”

THE FACTS: He’s making a fallacious distinction. Mail-in ballots are solid within the same map as absentee mail ballots, with the same stage of scrutiny equivalent to signature verification in many states.

In extra than 30 states and the District of Columbia, voters maintain an even to “no excuse” absentee voting. That implies they are able to explain mail-in ballots for any reason, no topic whether or now not an person is out of city or working.

In Florida, the Legislature in 2016 voted to substitute the wording of such balloting from “absentee” to “vote-by-mail” to manufacture jog a voter can solid such ballots if they need. So there is now not any such thing as a “absentee” voting in that bid, as Trump alludes to.

Extra broadly, voter fraud has proved exceedingly rare. The Brennan Heart for Justice in 2017 ranked the risk of ballotfraud at 0.00004% to 0.0009%, in response to studies of previous elections.

Ideal nine states for the time being maintain plans for “universal” mail-in voting, the attach ballots are sent robotically to registered voters. Five of these states relied on mail-in ballots even old to the coronavirus pandemic raised concerns about voting in particular person.


TRUMP, on the November vote count and Democrats: “We now wish to be very, very cautious and this time they strive to develop it with the full post space of job rip-off. They’ll blame it on the post space of job. You’re going to be ready to peep them environment it up.”

THE FACTS: No postal rip-off has emerged from the Democrats. In its attach Trump has given credence to suspicions that he wants to suppress mail-in voting to abet his potentialities within the election.

He’s said as unprecedented. In an interview this month, he admitted he’s attempting to starve the U.S. Postal Service of money in tell to manufacture it more troublesome to course of an expected surge of mail-in ballots, which he worries could imprint him the election.

Trump explicitly famed funding provisions that Democrats are wanting for in a relief bundle that has stalled on Capitol Hill. With out the extra money, he said, the Postal Service received’t maintain the sources to address a flood of ballots from voters who’re wanting for to remove away from polling locations within the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

“If we don’t manufacture a deal, which capability that they don’t rep the money,” Trump immediate Fox Enterprise Community. “That implies they are able to’t maintain universal mail-in voting; they appropriate can’t maintain it.”

Over the weekend, the Dwelling accredited guidelines that will per chance reverse unique changes in postal operations and send $25 billion to shore up the company old to the November election, nonetheless the White Dwelling has said Trump would veto it.

All the map thru a Dwelling hearing, Postmaster Overall Louis DeJoy acknowledged that Trump’s repeated attacks on mail-in ballots are “now not in fact helpful,” nonetheless he denied that unique cuts had been linked to the election.


TRUMP, on detrimental ballots in an election: “What does detrimental indicate? It capability fraud.”

THE FACTS: No, detrimental ballots develop now not equate to fraud. The overwhelming majority aren’t.

According to the Brennan Heart for Justice, the overwhelming majority of ballots are disqualified because they near late, a particular nervousness this yr because of the unique U.S. Postal Service delays and an expected surge in mail-in voting within the course of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ballots also are deemed detrimental if there is a lacking signature — general with more moderen voters unprecedented with the course of — or it doesn’t match what’s on file. To boot to, some states require absentee voters to rep a look or notary to ticket their ballots.

“None of these are fraud,” said Wendy Weiser, director of Brennan’s democracy program at NYU Faculty of Legislation. When suspected cases are investigated for most likely fraud, studies maintain borne out the fundamental trigger of defects is voter mistake, she said.

Wicked ballots also disproportionately impact voters of colour, and unique lawsuits maintain efficiently challenged some requirements as posing health risks or disenfranchising voters. Earlier this yr, for occasion, a federal mediate ruled that a South Carolina requirement to maintain witnesses to mail-in ballots could keep voters’ health in hassle and suspended it for the June fundamental. Others states along side Minnesota and Rhode Island maintain also suspended that requirement because of the pandemic.

Whereas the charges of detrimental ballots are unacceptable, “of us can maintain to silent silent in actuality feel confident in their votes, and they are able to maintain to silent apply-up,” Weiser said. “Of us can maintain to silent know these concerns are being fought over and confidently many will be mitigated and addressed old to November.”



REP. STEVE SCALISE of Louisiana on the police: “Joe Biden has embraced the left’s insane mission to defund them.”

THE FACTS: No, Biden has explicitly rejected the risk by some on the left to defund the police. He has proposed more money for police, conditioned on improvements in their practices.

Biden’s criminal justice agenda, released long old to the protests over racial injustice, proposes more federal money for “practising that is considerable to avert tragic, unjustifiable deaths” and hiring more officers to guarantee that departments are racially and ethnically reflective of the populations they serve.

Specifically, he requires a $300 million infusion into federal community policing grant programs. That’s more money, now not less.



NIKKI HALEY, ragged ambassador to the United Countries, on the Democrats: “They want a executive takeover of health care. They must ban fracking and execute millions of jobs.”

REP. JIM JORDAN of Ohio on the Democratic agenda: “Defund the police, defund border patrol and defund our military.”

RONNA McDANIEL, chairwoman of the Republican Nationwide Committee: “You deserve to know that they would ban fracking and rep rid of fossil fuels, which could per chance execute millions of ethical-paying jobs and elevate the price of driving our cars and heating our properties. You deserve to know that they want a total executive takeover of our health care machine, so moms adore me received’t be ready to rep our childhood to the same pediatrician they’ve been seeing for years.”

THE FACTS: Those aren’t Biden’s positions. Somewhat about a Republican speakers seized on proposals of the Democratic left, in some cases distorting these positions, and assigned them to Biden, who doesn’t piece these views.

He does now not resolve on a executive takeover of health care; as an alternative he proposes constructing on “Obamacare,” which preserves the interior most insurance market whereas increasing Medicaid.

He also did now not endorse proposals to cease border enforcement or even to decriminalize illegal crossings.

Biden helps banning handiest novel oil and gas permits, fracking integrated, on federal land. But most U.S. manufacturing is on interior most land — the U.S. Bureau of Land Administration says manufacturing on federal land accounted for beneath 10% of oil and gas in 2018.

In a March 15 fundamental debate, Biden misstated his power coverage, suggesting he would allow no novel fracking. His campaign fleet corrected the memoir. Biden has in every other case been consistent on his heart-of-the-road space, going to this level as to notify an anti-fracking activist that he “ought to vote for somebody else” if he wished a straight away fracking ban.



DONALD TRUMP JR. on the coronavirus response: “The president fleet took action and shut down scurry from China.”

THE FACTS: He didn’t shut down scurry from China. He restricted it. Dozens of countries took same steps to manipulate scurry from sizzling spots old to or across the same time the U.S. did.

The U.S. restrictions that took develop Feb. 2 persevered to allow scurry to the U.S. from China’s Hong Kong and Macao territories over the final 5 months. The Associated Press reported that more than 8,000 Chinese and foreign nationals based mostly mostly in these territories entered the U.S. within the principle three months after the scurry restrictions had been imposed.

Moreover, more than 27,000 Individuals returned from mainland China within the principle month after the limitations took develop. U.S. officers lost tune of more than 1,600 of them who had been alleged to be monitored for virus exposure.

Dr. Anne Schuchat, the No. 2 legit on the U.S. Centers for Illness Lend a hand watch over and Prevention, also immediate The Associated Press that the federal executive changed into once uninteresting to know the vogue unprecedented coronavirus changed into once spreading from Europe, which helped pressure the acceleration of outbreaks across the U.S. in late February. Trump didn’t tell scurry restrictions for heaps of European countries till mid-March.


DONALD TRUMP JR.: “The president acted fleet and ensured ventilators bought to hospitals that considerable them most. He delivered PP&E to our courageous entrance-line workers.”

THE FACTS: No, now not all hospitals and entrance-line workers bought the ventilators and interior most defending instruments they considerable. States had been left scrambling within the early weeks of the pandemic, whereas Trump scoffed at about a of their requests, calling them inflated.

New York bought a shipment of 1,000 ventilators f rom the Chinese executive and 140 from the bid of Oregon. Massachusetts borrowed the New England Patriots’ jet to rep up 1 million masks from China.

Whereas California Gov. Gavin Newsom changed into once tracking down 10,000 ventilators for his bid, he bought 170 broken ones from the national stockpile. And a federal shipment of 300,000 N95 masks that Illinois changed into once alleged to receive in March turned out to be less-effective surgical masks as an alternative, Gov. J.B. Pritzker said on the time.



DONALD TRUMP JR, on his father: “So in case you’re buying for hope, glimpse to the man who did what the failed Obama-Biden administration never could develop and built the ideal financial system our country has ever seen.”

THE FACTS: That’s fallacious. The financial system changed into once wholesome old to the coronavirus pandemic hit nonetheless now not the ideal in U.S. ancient previous.

Financial beneficial properties largely followed along the traces of a spread that started more than a decade ago beneath Obama. And whereas posting extensive job and stock market numbers, Trump never managed to total the charges of commercial enhance he promised within the 2016 campaign, nor enhance charges seen within the previous.

The Obama-Trump years yielded the longest financial growth in U.S. ancient previous, nonetheless now not the ideal,


McDANIEL: “You deserve to know about their plans to purchase taxes on 82% of Individuals.”

THE FACTS: That’s now not the understanding. Biden says he received’t elevate taxes on anybody making beneath $400,000.

An prognosis of Biden’s tax understanding by the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Wharton Budget Mannequin in March realized that the bottom 90 percent of earnings earners would now not pay more in federal earnings taxes beneath Biden’s proposal.


TRUMP JR. on his father: “He’s pledged to repeal the Trump tax cuts, which maintain been the ideal in our country.”

THE FACTS: Trump’s tax cuts are nowhere shut to the ideal in U.S. ancient previous.

It’s a $1.5 trillion tax minimize over 10 years. As a little bit of the full financial system, a tax minimize of that size ranks 12th, in accordance with the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. President Ronald Reagan’s 1981 minimize is the ideal, followed by the 1945 rollback of taxes that financed World Battle II.

Submit-Reagan tax cuts also stand amongst the traditionally considerable: President George W. Bush’s cuts within the early 2000s and Obama’s renewal of them a decade later.

Biden has pledged to purchase taxes on filthy rich of us and now not the guts class and working class.


Seitz reported from Chicago. Associated Press writers Matthew Daly and Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar in Washington and Invoice Barrow in Atlanta contributed to this memoir.


EDITOR’S NOTE — A glimpse on the veracity of claims by political figures.


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