AP FACT CHECK: Pence presses a distorted case on economic system

WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Mike Pence and fellow Republicans pressed a distorted case Wednesday that President Donald Trump took over a moribund economic system from Barack Obama and supercharged it. That’s no longer what took predicament.

Speakers on the Republican National Convention additionally hailed Trump for safeguarding the neatly being insurance of oldsters with preexisting illness, flipping actuality on its head as his administration tries to overturn the law that guarantees those protections.

A gaze at how among the the rhetoric from the convention’s third evening compares with the info:


PENCE: “Four years previously we inherited … an economic system struggling to regain away of the slowest recovery for the rationale that Wide Depression. … In our first three years we constructed the most intriguing economic system in the area.”

THE FACTS: That’s a highly misleading portrait. Obama started the longest growth in U.S. history and prevailed over most of it.

The growth used to be indeed late, but relate below Trump has in overall been the same: 2.3% in the closing four years of Obama in comparison with 2.5% in the first three years of Trump. Trump took predicament of commercial with unemployment at a low 4.7%, regular job relate and a falling federal budget deficit.

And Trump’s legend on economic relate is set to regain beaten by the present recession triggered by the pandemic, a public-neatly being disaster that the White Home said early on wouldn’t ruin the economic system.


GOV. KRISTI NOEM of South Dakota: “In unbiased four years, President Trump has lifted folk of all races and backgrounds out of poverty. He reduced in size authorities and achieve money serve into the pockets of hardworking, traditional People.”

THE FACTS: Only here is factual: People did regain money serve in the construct of tax cuts and in instruct authorities funds after the economic system plunged correct into a recession this twelve months from the coronavirus.

All the issues else is tainted. The authorities is level-headed gigantic, no longer timorous as she said. Federal spending used to be 20.6% of the tainted home product in 2016, Obama’s closing twelve months, in accordance to the White Home Goal of job of Administration and Budget. That percentage has long gone up and down but used to be 20.8% in 2019. It doubtlessly surged this twelve months attributable to the quickest and sharpest downturn in stylish U.S. history.

The pandemic-brought on recession has additionally flung hundreds and hundreds of People serve into poverty — as expanded authorities benefit has expired. The unemployment rate is 10.2%, versus 4.7% when Trump took predicament of commercial. There are 14.8 million People collecting jobless benefit, while honest 2 million had been doing so when Trump become president.



PENCE: “When requested whether he’d toughen lowering funding to law enforcement, Joe Biden replied, ‘Yes, fully.’ Below President Trump, we can continually stand with those that stand on the skinny blue line, and we’re no longer going to defund the police.”

THE FACTS: That’s misleading, a selective exhaust of Biden’s phrases on the matter. Biden does no longer imply defunding the police, but rather giving them extra money, conditioned on enhancements in policing. Biden’s actual predicament on this has been unnoticed on the GOP convention.

Pence is relating to an excerpted video clip of Biden’s dialog with liberal activist Ady Barkan. In the fuller dialog, Biden declined to toughen defunding police, his consistent stance.

Barkan raises the problem of police reform and asks whether Biden would funnel money into social companies, psychological neatly being counseling and sensible housing to serve sever back civilian interactions with police. Biden responds that he’s calling for extra money for psychological neatly being suppliers but “that’s no longer the same as eliminating or defunding the total police” and that extra money for community policing would possibly per chance presumably level-headed be equipped, too.

Barkan asks: “So we agree that we can redirect among the funding?” Biden then solutions “fully yes.”

Biden then provides the caveat that he way “no longer honest redirect” federal money doubtlessly but “situation” it on police enhancements. “In the occasion that they don’t regain rid of chokeholds, they don’t regain (federal) grants, in the occasion that they don’t attain the following, they don’t regain any (federal) serve,” Biden replied, noting federal benefit is handiest a supplement to departments financed mainly by localities and states.



KAYLEIGH McENANY, White Home press secretary: “I will notify you that this president stands by People with preexisting stipulations.”

THE FACTS: No, folk with preexisting clinical concerns dangle neatly being insurance protections on fable of Obama’s neatly being care law, which Trump is attempting to dismantle.

One amongst Trump’s decisions to Obama’s law — non permanent neatly being insurance, already in predicament — doesn’t dangle to quilt preexisting stipulations. One other different is association neatly being plans, that are oriented to minute companies and sole proprietors and attain quilt preexisting stipulations.

Neither of the 2 decisions appears to be to dangle made powerful disagreement in the market.

Meanwhile, Trump’s administration is pressing the Supreme Court for full repeal of the Obama-skills law, in conjunction with provisions that defend folk with preexisting stipulations from neatly being insurance discrimination.

With “Obamacare” level-headed in predicament, preexisting stipulations continue to be covered by traditional person neatly being insurance plans.

Before the Cheap Care Act, any insurer would possibly per chance presumably scream coverage — or charge more — to someone with a preexisting situation who used to be in quest of to derive a person coverage.



JACK BREWER, ancient NFL player: “Are you going to permit the media to lie to you by falsely claiming that he said there are very magnificent white supremacists in Charlottesville? He didn’t verbalize that. It’s a lie.”

THE FACTS: Trump said this at a news convention: Racial protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017 had “very magnificent folk on both facets.” One side used to be made up of a loosely linked mix of white nationalists, neo-Nazis and other far-factual extremists.

Trump’s issue conveyed sympathy for racists by declining to single out and contact out the violence they perpetuated and by suggesting the episode used to be merely a contest of legitimate grievances.

The violence broke out after those protesters assembled to portray against the metropolis’s likelihood to use away a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee.

Pressed on the Aug. 15, 2017, news convention, Trump acknowledged there had been “some very shocking folk” shopping for wretchedness in the neighborhood protesting plans to use away the statue. “But you additionally had those that had been very magnificent folk on both facets,” he persevered. “You had folk in that community, excuse me, excuse me, I saw the same shots as you doubtlessly did. You had folk in that community that had been there to instruct the taking down of, to them, a in fact, very valuable statue and the renaming of a park, from Robert E. Lee to at least one other title.”

Later in the news convention, he tried to clarify that “I’m no longer talking relating to the neo-Nazis and the white nationalists — because they’ll level-headed be condemned fully.”

But he went on to voice that the conspicuously racist rally — partly organized by white nationalist Richard Spencer and with ancient Ku Klux Klan head David Duke as a scheduled speaker — had many folk who weren’t white supremacists, and there are “two facets to a legend … two facets to the nation.”



PENCE: “We reformed the VA and Veterans Preference is now readily available for every old in The United States.”

THE FACTS: Veterans Preference is much from readily available to every old.

It’s factual that Trump expanded the Obama-skills program, which enables veterans to gaze a private physician for indispensable or psychological neatly being care if their VA wait is 20 days (28 for area of skills care) or their power to a VA facility is 30 minutes or more.

But in March, VA halted powerful of the program attributable to the coronavirus outbreak and restricted veterans’ regain admission to to private clinical doctors, citing the added dangers of infection and miniature capability at private hospitals.

Below the non permanent guidelines, the VA reviewed referrals for non-emergency care “on a case-by-case foundation for immediate clinical want and simply relating to the safety of the old when being seen in-person, despite wait time or power time eligibility,” in accordance to VA.

The cross drew criticism from a lot of veterans’ teams and conservatives as rendering the program ineffective.



SCOTT DANE, representing Minnesota loggers and truckers: “But the closing time Joe Biden used to be in the White Home, Minnesota misplaced over half of its mills, hundreds of jobs, and skilled virtually a decade of decline.”

THE FACTS: The decline in Minnesota’s sawmills and paper manufacturing has persevered below Trump. And nationwide, sawmill jobs improved below Obama and slumped at some stage in Trump’s first three years.

Minnesota misplaced 20% of its papermills at some stage in Obama’s presidency, in accordance to the Quarterly Census of Wages and Employment. It misplaced 18% of its sawmills. That’s a miles yowl from the “over half” claimed by Dane. The express’s sawmill sector misplaced 25 jobs below Obama, in comparison with 69 jobs misplaced at some stage in the first three years of the Trump administration. Papermills did let creep of 1,368 workers at some stage in Obama’s presidency, while 674 jobs had been shed at some stage in the Trump skills.

But nationwide, the Obama skills saw 7,221 recent jobs in the sawmill sector. There had been 69 sawmill jobs misplaced below Trump before the pandemic.


EDITOR’S NOTE — A gaze on the veracity of claims by political figures.


Associated Press writers Amanda Seitz in Chicago and David Klepper in Providence, Rhode Island, contributed to this legend.


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