Algae is lighting fixtures up parts of the lower Chesapeake Bay

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — A bioluminescent algae has been lighting fixtures up the lower Chesapeake Bay alongside the shores of Norfolk and Virginia Sea skedaddle.

The Virginian-Pilot reported Wednesday that the one-celled organisms beget a series and reproduce in warmth water. The algae is display right thru the day, however turns into most noticeable a pair of hours after sunset.

When waves shatter, white caps seem sparkling blue. The turbulence creates a chemical response within the algae cells that interacts with the water molecules.

The name of the algae is Alexandrium monilatum. And it will possibly well furthermore be putrid to fish and oysters.

Margie Mulholland, a science professor at Dilapidated Dominion College, said it’s that chances are high you’ll well possibly also mediate of that a pair of of the algae broke off of a bloom within the York River and flowed south.

Well being officers possess said that folks and their pets will possess to smooth steer obvious of swimming in water that would possibly possibly well possess the algae.

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